Beijing Dafaun Poultry Breeding Company Limited

Has been introducing from Aviagen Group Ross-308 Grandparent broiler breeding stock possessed with the newest genetic improvement, producing and providing the highest qualified Ross-308 parent breeding stock with strong genetic potentials.

The Company has just built ten new all-in and all-out grandparent breeding farms which are all independent and well bio-secured and isolated. All the ten farms can hen-house 210,000 packages of grandparent breeders, which can annually produce eight million day-old parent broiler breeder packages. The Company adopted all-in and all-out bio-security system for each farm so as to ensure the sound healthy status for each flock, through the implement of scientific and strict management practice.

With introduction of advanced foreign and domestic experiences, the Company possesses the reasonable overall production lay-out and advanced operational facilities. In each farm the Company is utilizing the fully automatic ventilation system, automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system the environment and facilities of hatchery both automatic- controlled by computery.

The Company worked out its own policy and strategy to produce and market the first class products. Dafaun people believe that the technical service is as same important as the quality of products. With computer internet system, Beijing Dafaun Co. is going to supply the customers with timely, accurate and considerable services for double-win benefits between customers and the Company.

Since December of 2007, the Company has been continuously issued with the China GAP Certificates, which actually is the first company with this award among all the grand parent broiler breeding companies in China.Through the persistent efforts for past few years, Beijing Dafaun Co. has been developing promptly in the Chinese broiler industry and has come to be one of the largest grand parent breeding companies in China.

In future development, Mr. Tian Fu, General Manager of the Company, will be leading all the Dafaun staff and employees and will be working with you to develop mutually on the front of broiler industry. With strong enthusiasm the Company will follow up all the new management and service concept. With high quality breeding stock and honest technical services, we will help you and your customers to maximize your profit.